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UDEMY [100% OFF COUPON - Time left : 11 hours] Git & GitHub A Practical Course: Beginner To Advanced Level


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Git & GitHub A Practical Course: Beginner To Advanced Level
Author : Pruthviraja L
Last update : 9/2021
Language : English​
What you'll learn
  • Basics of Git
  • Git installation
  • The basics of command prompt terminal in Windows
  • How to handle local Git repositories
  • How to make commits using Git terminal and VSC
  • How to check the history of your project
  • Using github for source control
  • How to use Git Commands
Course content
8 sections • 28 lectures • 6h 37m total lengthExpand all sections
Introduction: Git Basics : 7 lectures • 1hr 33min
  • Introduction: What is VCS & Git?
  • Git Installation
  • Basics of CMD
  • Creating First Git Repository
  • Making A First Commit
  • Git History
  • Commit Using VSC and Git Terminal
How To Undo The Things : 4 lectures • 1hr 1min
  • Git Show HEAD
  • Git Checkout
  • Git Revert and Reset
  • Ignoring Files In Git Repository
Basics Of GitHub : 3 lectures • 35min
  • Creating GitHub Account
  • How To Push Local Repository
  • How To Pull From Remote Repository
Working With Branches : 2 lectures • 28min
  • How To Create Branches
  • How To Work With Branches
Merging On Git : 4 lectures • 59min
  • Fast Farward Merge
  • Three way merge
  • How To Resolve Merge Conflicts On Git
  • Git Rebase
Merging On GitHub : 2 lectures • 20min
  • Git Merging On GitHub
  • Resolving Merge Conflicts On GitHub
How To Contribute To The Open Source Project : 3 lectures • 45min
  • Forking & Cloning
  • Contributing To Git Without Merge Conflicts
  • Contributing With Merge Conflicts
Git Collaboration : 3 lectures • 57min
  • How To Add Git Collaborator
  • Working As A Git Collaborator
  • Adding Rules To Git Collaboration
This is all about high level overview on Complete Git & GitHub both for the beginners and advanced software professionals.
If any one wants to develop their Open Source Project Or wants to contribute to the Open Source Project then learning Git and GitHub is must. Even if you are a student and wants to become a software developer Or website designer then learning Git and GitHub will help you achieve your goal with well designed infrastructure to get contribution for your project from different developers.
Nowadays many professional developers or designers needs to know how to work with Git and GitHub. Git allows us to record different versions of our project and lets us go back in time and check previous states of the project. As for the GitHub, it's an online service where we can share our code to the world and also it allows us to collaborate with different developers.
This course consists different sections. We will start from Git basics, where you can learn about how to install Git. We will guide how to use the commands on windows mainly, we will create our first local repository, and you will see how to save different versions of the project, as the snapshots, using commits.
Then we will show you how to go back in time and check the previous states of the project, update them Or delete with help of git checkout, git revert and git reset.
After getting a solid knowledge on Git, we will learn the basics of GitHub. Then we will show you how to push local repository to remote repository and pull the remote repository to our local machine. Then we will show you how to work with one of the greatest features of Git, which is branching. We will learn about how to deal with branches locally and also, remotely. We will show you how to merge branches with different methods, and also, how to deal with merge conflicts.
Then we will see about forking and contributing. We will learn about how to copy someone else's remote repository on your GitHub account, how to clone it to your local computer and how to contribute to the original project. Finally, we will discuss about collaborating on GitHub. We will go through some really important topics, such as, how to set up a collaboration team, how to define different rules for collaborators and much more.
We encourage you to feel free to ask the questions if you get stuck at any point of time line related to our course and the commands we have used in our course. Please don't use any strange and the code which is not used in our course, so your cooperation is very important for us. If you have any suggestions then feel free to post in the private message sections and help us to improve our course creating skill.
So JOIN US & Make your learning journey more easier than before.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner web developers
  • Anyone who wants to learn about Git and GitHub
  • Students who have some basic knowledge about version control systems and want to develop their skills
  • All the Open Source Software developing team leads who wants to work with Git & GitHub
  • Students who have some basic knowledge about version control systems and want to develop their skills
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