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UDEMY [100% OFF COUPON - Time left : 2 days] Modern React Developer Masterclass for Beginners (2021)


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Modern React Developer Masterclass for Beginners (2021)
Author : Data Is Good Academy
Last update : 9/2021
Language : English​
What you'll learn
  • Get Introduced to React JS.
  • Learn about rendering elements in React.
  • Learn about the concept of Components and Props in React.
  • Learn different topics such state and Lifecyle in React.
  • Apply event handlers concept using example in React.
  • Implement Conditional Rendering in React using examples.
  • Learn about lists and keys, React forms, Fragments in React.
  • Look at the difference between Inheritance and Composition.
  • Learn and apply Pure components using examples in React.
Course content
22 sections • 100 lectures • 6h 48m total lengthExpand all sections
Introduction : 5 lectures • 39min
  • React Introduction
  • React Versions
  • React Features
  • Prons and Cons of React
  • React Installation
INTRODUCTION of JSX : 5 lectures • 25min
  • Introduction of Jsx
  • Why jsx?
  • Embedding expressions in jsx
  • Comments and Inline style in jsx
  • Rendering Elements
Components : 4 lectures • 19min
  • What is React Components?
  • Class Components
  • Functional Components
  • Render a Component
React Props : 7 lectures • 38min
  • Introduction to React Props
  • React state
  • Difference between React State vs Props
  • Default props
  • Props validating
  • Destructuring props and state
  • Setstate()
State and Lifecycle : 4 lectures • 22min
  • Life cycle methods
  • Mounting
  • Updating
  • Unmounting
Event Handlers : 8 lectures • 27min
  • What are Event Handlers in react?
  • Binding Event Handlers
  • Binding in render method
  • Arrow function in render method
  • Arrow function in class component
  • Binding in class constructor
  • Call an inline function in an onClick event handler
  • Call multiple functions in an onClick event handler
Conditional Rendering : 5 lectures • 13min
  • React Conditional Rendering
  • If else statement
  • Element variable
  • Ternary Conditional Operator
  • Short Circuit Operator
Lists and Keys : 7 lectures • 25min
  • Map() function
  • Rendering List in react
  • Rendering list of objects
  • List and Keys in react
  • Why we need keys
  • Index as key anti-pattern
  • When to use index as key
Forms : 6 lectures • 20min
  • Controlled Component
  • Input form elements
  • Textarea Tag
  • Select tag
  • Submit a form
  • Handle multiple inputs form in react
React CSS : 5 lectures • 16min
  • Introduction to styling
  • Inline styling
  • Regular CSS styling
  • CSS Modulers
  • Styled Component
Welcome to the best online course on JavaScript.
React.js is an open-source JavaScript library. Used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications.
Allows us to create reusable UI components. React brings many advantages to the table, making it a better choice than other frameworks.
This course provides you with knowledge on the advanced level used by Web developers.
In this course, you will cover:
  • Introduction to React JS.
  • Introduction of JSX.
  • Learn about the Components of React.js.
  • Learn about the Props in React.js.
  • Learn about the State and Lifecycle.
  • Learn how to apply Event Handlers in React.
  • Learn about the topic - Conditional Rendering in React.js
  • Learn about the Lists and Keys in React.
  • Learn to create Forms in React.
  • Introduction to React CSS.
  • Apply Fragments in React.
  • Difference between Inheritance vs Composition.
  • Learn what is pure components?
  • Learn about the concept of Memo in React.
  • Introduction to Forwarding Refs in React.
  • Learn about Portals in React.
  • Introduction to Error Boundary in React.
  • Introduction to Higher Order Component in React.
  • Introduction to Render props in React.
  • Introduction to Context in React.
  • Introduction to HTTP in React.
  • Introduction to React-Router in React.
Not only this, you will get to practice a lot of exercises on these topics.
We are also providing quizzes.
You will also have access to all the resources used in this course.
Enroll now and make the best use of this course.
Who this course is for:
  • Students who want to master the well known programming language React.
  • Developers who are looking to bridge the gap between design and development.
  • Students who wants to build their web development skills to the next level.
  • Anyone who wants to master responsive design.
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